Our Corporate Partners

As part of our ongoing commitment to give our participants the best of theories and the best international practices, we at the Centre for International and Advanced Professional Studies (CIAPS) have forged, and continue to forge, close and productive relationships with a variety of public and private institutions across the globe.

How these partnerships work:

These organisations are essential to the excellence of CIAPS, as they support us financially and provide our staff and students with valuable industry experience; allowing us to operate in their organisations worldwide, gather case studies and analyse data. In return, we provide them with the opportunity to work with a world class faculty and a body of the brightest, most creative and committed students.

How these partnerships help you as a student:

  • Put your knowledge to work by working with real-life companies on real-life projects: Our students work with partner organisations on real-life, value-adding projects that help them develop workplace skills, unlike their counterparts who just earn certificates from their professional studies/training.

  • The opportunity to intern or work with these organisations after graduation: High performing students have the opportunity to intern or even get full-time job offers with some of our partner organisations. 
  • Increase your employability: Every organisation wants to hire talent that’s ready to work. When you study at CIAPS, you’ll gain knowledge and skills that employers are looking out for in their hires, making you a highly sought-after professional.

  • Great value for your money and effort: Unlike your counterparts who only earn certificates from other study centers, you build skills and a great connection with top corporate organisations.

Our ever growing list of associated organisations include

Akada Publications
Auxilia Links
Bambert Medical Company
Providian Hotel Concepts
Yes Agric