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Welcome to the website of the Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies. We are an innovative academic and research institution offering a unique international, educational and professional experience.

Our intellectually challenging programmes are designed for the most able students, enabling them to expand their critical reflection and creativity, and preparing and equipping the next generation of global citizens to lead and inspire. Our simple but powerful ethos is to encourage individual and collective progress, prosperity and development; and we believe this can only be peacefully achieved through the identification and training of individuals who possess the ability and desire to guide and influence their environment.

Globalisation makes us increasingly interdependent upon one another, and in order to successfully operate in such a context, the next generation of citizens must be fully exposed to the best and most progressive international practices. They must be fully trained to understand their reality, and encouraged to be able to competently and confidently operate in a global environment. As part of their programme, CIAPS students undergo training which will equip them to liaise successfully with their counterparts throughout the world.

All our programmes combine the best of theories with the best of practices. Our selection process is rigorous, and this allows us not only to draw the most gifted and brightest students, but to attract a world class faculty of visiting and permanent staff from top international institutions. Our staff exude a passion and commitment for sharing their experiences and discoveries, and many are leaders in their field. Amongst them are directors of cutting-edge research, government advisors, and management and consulting experts; and their academic research, interests, professional experience and networks encompass the full spectrum of arts and sciences, business and management worldwide.

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