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Our Story

The Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies, (CIAPS) was conceived as an innovative, educational and professional institution for forward-thinking professionals.
Our intellectually challenging programmes are designed for the most able students, enabling them to expand their critical reflection and creativity, and preparing and equipping the next generation of global citizens to lead and inspire.
Globalisation makes us increasingly interdependent upon one another, and in order to successfully operate in such a context, the next generation of citizens must be fully exposed to the best and most progressive international practices. They must be fully trained to understand their reality, and encouraged to be able to competently and confidently operate in a global environment. As part of their programme, CIAPS students undergo training which will equip them to liaise successfully with their counterparts throughout the world.

Our Vision

To be a factory of leading professionals.

Our Mission

Within the next 3 years, we want to train the top 300 professionals within 20 sectors.

Our Belief

Our simple but powerful ethos is to encourage individual and collective progress, prosperity and development; and we believe this can only be peacefully achieved through the identification and training of individuals who possess the ability and desire to guide and influence their environment.


The best of theory with the best of practice

We take a hands-on approach to our training by giving students the opportunity to practice what they learn in the classroom.

World-class faculty

Our visiting and permanent faculty members are reputable professionals from international institutions. Amongst them are directors of cutting-edge research, government advisors, and management and consulting experts; and their academic research, interests, professional experience and networks encompass the full spectrum of arts and sciences, business and management worldwide.

Passionate and committed staff

Our staff exude a passion and commitment for sharing their experiences and discoveries. They are friendly, approachable and are extremely interested in the success of each student.

Best of students

Learn with the best! Our selection process is rigorous, allowing us to attract the brightest and most gifted of students.

A wide variety of courses and programmes

We have an interesting suite of programmes ranging from postgraduate programmes to executive education and professional certificate programmes in different sectors.

Rich professional network

We have a rich network of reputable corporate partners, professional organisations and world-class faculty.

Career support

We provide all you need to start, relaunch or accelerate your career through our career counselling services.

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World-Class Faculty

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CIAPS "PPP" Sessions

A unique and practical approach to learning whereby students apply classroom knowledge to real-life projects in order to acquire workplace skills.


Get involved in practical class sessions to immediately apply learnings, hence building technical and soft skills.


Build your CV by working with students from other CIAPS programmes on specific projects to be accomplished within a certain time frame.


Boost your confidence and build your portfolio by partnering with a few course mates to advance big projects you’re all interested in.

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What Our Students Say

It was great learning at CIAPS. This is the best experience I ever had in the course of my chosen career as a journalist. The learning environment was so conducive that I always felt like I didn’t want to leave, the friendly staff and lecturers, I will miss everyone and everything about CIAPS.

It was indeed a wonderful experience. The visit of the CEO of Western post and so many others that came for the PPP sessions were wonderful.

Their presentations were an eye opener for me into the real world, giving me a line between the real world and the ideal world. I am most grateful to the centre for finding me worthy to work with Right Dev Ltd, publishers of the The Point online news.

The Mprivilege is another task I enjoyed and the teamwork with other professional students from Business management, project management, banking & finance and school management. I’m glad the project is now a reality.

Charity Galadima

Journalist, Weekly Right Newspaper

(Professional Certificate in Media and Journalism)

I had taught for a while before coming to CIAPS before then I use to experience a great deal of frustration when it came to handling learning challenges of my students, We weren’t just connecting because I lacked the knowledge to deal with their difficulties , I had read stuffs online but needed a proper guide and simulation that will enlarge my capacity and increase my confidence to deal with those issues.

The international certificate tutor course came to the rescue with a well- planned program , dedicated tutors and real life examples drawn from best practices. My “eureka” moment finally arrived.

It was a great experience that has seen me soar in confidence. Obvious to my employers I was given the privilege to head the college section just kicking off.

At CIAPS the experience was worth it.

Samuel Obong

School Administrator

(International Tutor Certificate)

My experience in CIAPS has been a wonderful one. Before I registered at CIAPS for Business Administration there was a vacuum of how to run a successful business. I was a bit skeptical if the center can actually fill the vacuum. I was not disappointed by the time I finished the training. To be candid, my views about business environments changed completely.

The skills acquired have moved me to the next level in my career because I was promoted in my place of work after I finished the programme. The study notes were well composed and my lecturer is very accommodating. She has a way of making you interested in a particular topic if she discovers you are not clear enough. And one thing that is very unique about CIAPS is that they are practical. They are not about class work only but they will expose you to what is obtainable in the labour market.

CIAPS is not just a study center but a center of self discovery and a good place to acquire new skills.

Ayeni Taiwo John

Finance Manager, Media Integra Concepts

(Professional certificate in Business Administration)

Training at CIAPS was great!. The ambience and those that facilitated, everything was on point. I was wowed with the way I was lectured during my one week training. I was exposed to some managerial skills a PA should possess to execute daily tasks.

I love the method of managing your boss and top management at all levels, using the Selling Process.

CIAPS is a good place of learning and I wish to recommend it to anyone who loves to gain knowledge in his or her career.

Oreva Tejuosho

Executive Assistant to the MD, MediaReachOMD

(Graduate Diploma for Senior EAs and PAs)