CGPI – CIAPS Governance Performance Index

About CGPI

The CIAPS Governance Performance Index (CGPI) is an initiative of the Centre for Advanced and Professional Studies, CIAPS.

CGPI was conceived as a catalyst for benchmarking, documenting, measuring and encouraging good governance in Nigeria.

With the CGPI we strive to provide a continuous, objective and transparent measurement of governance that will provide a true picture of how projects, organisations and institutions are managed.

Our hope is that the CGPI will help citizens, consumers and observers make informed decisions about governance and those in government will be able to use the CGPI to correct and improve measures.

This is a completely independent initiative and must remain so. No measured organization or individual is involved in the process and no measured organization or individual is allowed to donate anything beyond information to the CGPI.

The CGPI board wishes to publicly and emphatically announce that no individual or organization is authorized to solicit for or receive any form of assistance from any measured organization or individual and appeals to anyone aware of any form of solicitation for funds or any other kind of benefit to report such act to the police and the CGPI.



eGovernance Report on Websites of Nigerian States

A  CIAPS research was carried out in July 2019 wherein websites of the 36 Nigerian states were evaluated using 10 measurable criteria selected by the CGPI Team at CIAPS.

Based on the aggregate scores, the following charts show some of the resulting ranks.
Among the 36 states appraised, Adamawa, Bayelsa, Cross-River, Niger, Imo and Zamfara States are without websites. 
Kaduna was rated with the Highest Score. 
Taraba was rated with the Lowest Score.
You can read the full report by clicking here

State Website Rankings

Top 10
Kaduna State 73%
Delta State 70%
Anambra State 65.5%
Kano State 65.1%
Ekiti State 64.5%
Akwa-Ibom State 64%
Lagos State 64%
Oyo State 61%
Enugu State 56.5%
Plateau State 54%
Middle 10
Kwara State 53.5%
Abia State 52%
Ondo State 51%
Nasarawa State 50.5%
Osun State 49.5%
Ogun State 48.5%
Borno State 48.5%
Kogi State 48%
Edo State 47%
Jigawa State 46.8%
Worst 10
Bauchi State 44%
Ebonyi State 42%
Katsina State 41.5%
Gombe State 40%
Kebbi State 34%
Sokoto State 33.5%
Rivers State 30%
Benue State 25%
Yobe State 22%
Taraba State 20%
This CIAPS Research was carried out by Faculty and Students of Media & Journalism, Digital Management and Event Management with input from Faculty and students of Business Development Management of CIAPS. .
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