CIAPS Projects

Our rigorous selection allows us to draw the best and brightest students willing and capable of following innovative and intellectually challenging programmes in an environment which continuously encourages critical reflection and creativity. We combine the best of theories with the best of practices in all our programmes. As with our students, our rigorous selection has allowed us to put together a world-class faculty of visiting and permanent members of staff. They come with a plethora of passion and experience of excellence from top institutions all over the world. Their academic research interests and professional experience and networks span the globe and they represent the full spectrum of arts and sciences, business and management. Many are leaders in their field directing cutting-edge research, advising governments and managing and consulting for businesses.

With such an abundance of talent we are able to offer our partners and other organisations in the private and public sector an extraordinary level of support and assistance in order to realise their projects. Each project we deal with is assigned to a project director who manages and leads his team of dedicated, talented people.

To discuss the possibility of using our services, please contact us.