Post Session Report


Your post session report is not a test but a report that links theory to practice.
During our sessions in the classroom, we had the opportunity of exploring many areas of Emotional Intelligence, the Key Areas we covered in the classroom included

  1. Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Its variance with cognitive intelligence.

  2. The tools for sharpening emotional intelligence

  3. The dangers of ignoring emotional intelligence as an important requirement for success

Your Report is a 650 to 1500 words essay on your 45 days of activity after the course. In your report you will highlight and explain the

  • 4 or more major tips, strategies and ideas you have taken away from your sessions.
  • Ways in which you have implemented these tips, strategies and ideas.
  • Challenges you faced in implementing them.
  • Achievements you recorded in implementing them.
  • Possibilities you discovered in implementing them.
  • Conclusions.
  • Any other observations.

Tips and Instructions

Use your notes, hand-outs, other academic references and examples from your personal and professional experience.
You write to educate your reader, write as if you are a teacher or a journalist. Remember that your reader was not in your class, so explain things in a very clear way and make no assumptions.

Your essays should be submitted by email to or using the form below.
Due date for submission: Monday, November 25, 2019.
Please submit before the due date.E

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Consider the following statements and circle a number:
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The lecturer or seminar leader:

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c) explained the subject clearly 12345

d) was effective in leading the class 12345

e) was receptive to students’ questions 12345

f) stimulated interest in the subject 12345

g) stimulated discussion on the subject 12345

h) stimulated me to think and learn 12345

i) had a good rapport with the class 12345

h) was suitably dress for the centre’s standard 12345

h) had original and useful class conent? 12345

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