What Our Students Say

  • Testimonial
    Oge Akabuike,

    I am so excited to be part of this Factory of Professionals, this is a success story. Saying YES to CIAPS experience was one of the best decisions I took in 2017, after my resignation from Kings College. I have seen a lot of self improvement and transformations already. My perspective and attitude towards life have changed these few months. Despite my challenges, I see myself PUSHING to break even and conquer my fears, champion my course. I look forward to adding more value to offering , and to have a feel of the real working world. It will keep getting better.

  • Testimonial
    Cornelia Oseghale,

    CIAPS is an excellent professional institute with great facilities. It is located in a serene environment and all the classrooms are fully air-conditioned and always neat. Though it offers classes online, classroom lectures remains the best because you are able to interact with colleagues one-on-one.
    On career guide, CIAPS helps in self-discovery. CIAPS engages its students in various projects during the course of their programmes and the students have the option of selecting projects they want be involved in.
    These projects serve as an addition to your experience because you get to learn a lot, decision making, creative thinking, brainstorming, etc. After the completion of my course, the Director encouraged me to keep writing while awaiting a job offer so that I get used to it. While writing, I discovered I am interested in the health aspect of writing.
    I received excellent practical experience from Dr. Kort and had a number of professionals give the journalism class practical experience. After CIAPS, The Director still mentors me in improving my career, brings out the best in me and attain professionalism in my career. Presently i am working in a print media organization, a job gotten for me by CIAPS.

  • Testimonial
    Samuel obong, School Administrator

    I had taught for a while before coming to CIAPS before then I use to experience a great deal of frustration when it came to handling learning challenges of my students, We weren't just connecting because I lacked the knowledge to deal with their difficulties , I had read stuffs on line but needed a proper guide and simulation that will enlarge my capacity and increase my confidence to deal with those issues.
    The international certificate tutor course came to the rescue with well planed program , dedicated tutors and real life examples drawn from best practices my "eureka" moment finally arrived.
    It was a great experience that has seen me soar in confidence. Obvious to my employers I was given the privilege to head the college section just kicking off.
    At CIAPS the experience was worth it.

  • Testimonial
    Oreva Tejuosho,

    Training at CIAPS was great!. The ambience and those that facilitated, everything was on point. I was wowed with the way I was lectured during my one week training. I was exposed to some managerial skills a PA should posses to execute daily tasks. I love the method of managing your boss and top management at all levels, using the Selling Process. CIAPS is a good place of learning and I wish to recommend it to anyone who loves to gain knowledge in his or her career.