Shanaz Shakir

BA(Hons), MA

Shanaz Shakir is a trained screenwriter and media expert. She has lived in Canada, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Shanaz took her B.A. in Film and Television Studies at The Aberystwyth University in Wales and then her Master’s Degree in Film and Television Studies. She is currently reading for her PhD in Film Studies. Shanaz is the creator of ‘Lifelike Dolls’ and her conception was used in the ITV1 TV mini-series Marchlands.

Her areas of research include philosophy and psychology and how they relate to society as portrayed through genres such as horror in film. Shanaz’s focus has been on zombies as stereotypes; her wider focus and discourse include work on the snuff film, vampires and the gothic.

Shanaz has multiple areas of interests encompassing art and literature, most noticeably horror. She also enjoys horse riding and heavy metal music.

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