Sam Vaknin


Sam Vaknin is a trained financial analyst and a certified psychological counsellor with vast international business and political experience; he is also a writer and publisher.

Sam has worked in England, the USA, Switzerland, Israel, Macedonia, Russia and in the Czech Republic. He was Chief Analyst of Edible Commodities, Manager of Research and Analysis Division, Manager of the Data Processing Division, Vice President in charge of RND and Advanced Technologies, Vice President in charge of Sovereign Debt Financing.

He was a Senior Business Correspondent for United Press International. He has also written for Central Europe Review about political issues in the Balkans, as well as for the Middle East Times. He was an Economic Advisor to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and to the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to his position as editor-in-chief of the Global Politician, he writes regularly for other publications, such as The International Analyst Network, and The Online American Chronicle.

He was President of the Israel Chapter of The Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) and, briefly, the Israel representative of the “Washington Times”.

He is director of many international companies and winner of many awards. His areas of interests are psychology, international affairs, business and economics, and philosophy.

He has written hundreds of professional articles on finance and economics, and numerous articles dealing with geopolitical and political economic issues published in both print and Web based periodicals in many countries.

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