Fola Rogers-Saliu


Dr. Fola Rogers-Saliu has over 25 years experience in capacity building in Education and Health and Social Care projects with a focus on working with children, young adults and mature age learners in diverse communities across the globe. She has worked extensively in visioning and strategic planning whilst co-ordinating a multi-disciplinary team. In her time doing so, she has monitored, evaluated and supported training programmes for international and national organisations, non-governmental organisations, ministries and private foundations. Dr Fola is an accredited Trainer/Mentor in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Rogers has established missions involving the organisation, adaptation and monitoring of adult and child development projects in various countries. Having established centres in Nigeria, Togo, Egypt, Djibouti, Israel, Greece, China, Benin, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Dr Fola is clearly committed to global issues.

Dr Rogers has also been involved in the Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation of educational and child development counselling projects. She has provided timely feedback on performance and service delivery based on Terms of Reference or Contract.

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