Professional Certificate in Digital Management

“ …Very soon only the dead will not be active online …” Anthony A. Kila

 Projects and Businesses need Digital Managers than can find and manage their potential and present clients online.

With the smartness of our telephones, it is getting more and more difficult to find people who are totally offline. Most people, as a matter of fact, get their information online, many now even buy, sell, relate and even complain online. The question for organisations and professionals is how do we manage this digital presence.

Every Smart Organisation now needs Digital Managers that can use the digital medium to save cost and time, can avoid social media being used against their organisation?

This CIAPS Digital Management Certificate is a 3 months course aimed at those interested in tapping into the world’s single most dominant and persuasive marketing and communication tool. They are the Digital Managers

The programme is rigorous, interactive and very engaging, it is strongly recommended that participants come with questions and issues relating to specific problems they have to deal with in managing social media.

It is a hands-on, innovative and dynamic programme that focuses on the strategic elements Digital Management.

Participants will learn how to build and manage professional websites, identify, engage and convert potential and present clients online, build their organization and projects image online.

Graduates from the course will leave CIAPS with a very clear understanding of the essential features of managing and growing the digital side of a business and project.

During the programme each student will experience different areas of Digital Management roles and projects.

You can choose to have your classes on weekdays (Monday to Friday) or weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Duration: 3 Months
Start Date: September 26th, 2020
Next Start Dates: Start of January 2021
Registration Fee: 100 USD
Course Fees: 700 USD


Key Modules to be covered in the Professional Certificate in Digital Management include:

  • Elements of Business Development for Digital Managers
  • Strategies for creating engaging and productive Blog contents
  • Creative writing for Digital Publication
  • Cyber Compliance: Legal, Ethics and Etiquette
  • Career Development
  • Team management
  • Building and Managing Websites, Blogs and other Web Applications
  • Creating and managing Google + page (Google My Business)
  • Creating and Managing Professional Facebook Instagram pages for profit
  • Manage the right audience on LinkedIn
  • Using Twitter to promote Brands, Projects and Products
  • Marketing, and Communicating on YouTube.
  • Google Analytics and other Monitoring Tools: SEO, Social Reports, Tracking etc.

Admission and Fees

Applicants for this course should have a first degree or equivalent (Bachelors, HND).

Having a good grade is a major advantage.

Applicants without such qualifications may apply, but their applications will be subject to a more complex process and they will be required to demonstrate their ability to successfully follow the programme.

In all cases, applicants will be tested by CIAPS through written assessments and verbal interview.

Applicants will be deemed successful only if they are judged to possess a good mix of:

  • Imagination and creative thinking
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability and willingness to learn
  • Sense of responsibility and ability to work in a team
  • Resilience and stability
  • Integrity and respect for others

Applicants are highly advised to have access to a laptop or equivalent


Cost of the programme includes:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Learning Material
  • Ancillary Facilities

You can register now and pay your course fees later.

Registration Fee: 100 USD

Programme Fees: The cost of the programme per participant is 700 USD

Payment Plan Available
You can register now and pay your course fees later.


This course has been designed with the clear objective of training passionate, dedicated professionals who will be capable of covering leading roles in managing the digital presence of various kind of organisations. Depending on their experience and interests, graduates will leave the programme with the required competency and confidence to work as Digital Managers in a variety of organisations in sectors such as:

  • Diagnostic Centres
  • Health
  • Aviation
  • Hotel and Tourism
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Agriculture
  • Retail


At CIAPS, we are proud of our high standards. We are conscious of the fact that much is demanded of our students during their time with us. To support our participants we have put in place a formidable team of academic advisers, experienced librarians and other learning support staff to help students get the best from their academic pursuits.

We are also very proud of our welfare and career services; these services are provided by a team of competent and passionate professionals available to assist students with career guidance, CV preparations and registrations with international professional bodies. We have built, and continue to build, strong connections with reputable organisations that look for high standards and work with high achievers.

Learning and Assessment

This Professional Certificate Programme consists of six modules made up of twenty-five units. Participants in this course will be offered the opportunity to combine practise in real workplace situations with learning in our Centre.

It is a very interactive programme and each module can have both formative and summative assessment. These assessments can be written, verbal and based on observations.
There are two options for learning:

  • Classroom at the Centre
  • Distance Learning and Online

In both cases, final assessments will be marked in London.

Make sure you read “Admission & Fees” above to understand our admission criteria and fees before registering

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