International Tutor Certificate

This programme is an initiative of the Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies, with input from ECAPS Cambridge. It is a CIAPS Certified Programme aimed at Tutors and Heads of tutoring organisation from Europe, Africa and some Commonwealth countries. Successful participants will become Certified Tutors and will be authorised to use the CT designation in front of their names.

The programme is also organised as a forum to network and allow educationists, regulators and managers share practices, reflection and observation with top practitioners and academics across the globe. It will be an opportunity to share direct and inside tips about our ever-moving sector.

Duration: 1 Month (or one week)
Start Date: September 26th, 2020
Next Start Date: Start of January 2021
Registration Fee: 100 USD
Course Fees: 300 USD


Key Areas to be covered in the International Tutor Certificate Programme include:

  • Teaching and Tutoring Compared
  • Roles and Functions of a Professional Tutor Today
  • Strategies for Subject Knowledge for Tutors
  • Analysis of Student Types and Learning Styles
  • Diagnosis and Management of Student
  • Types and Learning Styles
  • Strategies for Efficient Delivery
  • Techniques of Constructive Feedback
  • Skills for Dealing with other Stakeholders
  • Ethics for a Professional Tutor
  • Strategies for becoming an Inspiring Tutor

Admission and Fees

This programme is aimed at Subject Tutors and Teachers, Heads of Tutoring organisations and Heads of Schools directly involved in Planning, Teaching and Student Assessment.
To register, participants must meet at least 4 of the following requirements:

  • Be a graduate or have an equivalent qualification
  • Be currently self-employed as a private tutor or planning to be so
  • Be currently employed by a school or an educational organisation
  • Be fluent in written and spoken English
  • Have access to a laptop or equivalent


Cost of the programme includes:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Learning Material
  • Exam Fees
  • Project Fees
  • Certificate

You can register now and pay for your course later.

Registration Fee: 100 USD

Programme Fees: The cost of the programme per delegate is 300 USD


By the end of this programme, successful participants will:

  • Become Certified Tutors and will be authorised to use the CT designation in front of their names
  • Have a clear idea of how to master a topic before teaching it
  • Have a good understanding of various kind of students and their study styles
  • Know how to use modern methods to manage a variety of students
  • Have a good understanding of how to prepare and deliver efficient lessons
  • Have a good idea of how to deal with old parents and acquire new ones
  • Be able to join a network of certified tutors for access to resources, news, tips and best practices


At CIAPS, we are proud of our high standards. We are conscious of the fact that much is demanded of our students during their time with us. To support our participants we have put in place a formidable team of academic advisers, experienced librarians and other learning support staff to help students get the best from their academic pursuits.
We are proud of our welfare and career services, career guidance, CV preparation and registration with international bodies.
We have built, and continue to build, strong connections with reputable organisations which look for high standards and work with high achievers.

Learning and Assessment

This Certificate Programme consists of 10 modules.
It is a very interactive programme and each module will have a formative and summative assessment. These assessments will be written, verbal and based on observations.
There are three options for learning:

  • A One-week Intensive Programme
  • A One Month Weekend Programme
  • Distance Learning and Online

In both cases, final assessments will be marked in Cambridge.

Make sure you read “Admission & Fees” above to understand our admission criteria and fees before registering

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