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Nigeria needs Operation and Production Managers in 2019

Operation and Production Managers are probably the most needed and less talked about managers in Nigeria. Like most developing countries that are high on and full of natural resources but low on manufacturing and production, Nigeria needs to break the...
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Calling Insecurity in Nigeria by its True Name

by Stephen Oyishoma That Nigeria has been grappling with a security crises that broke out from the North East is no longer news. While the terror being unleashed on innocent civilians including women and children by Boko Haram is undeniable, the origin,...
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CIAPS director canvasses outcome-based method in universities

By Ujunwa Atueyi To ensure that students who graduate from the country’s ivory tower proceed to become solution finders, the  Director, Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS), Prof. Anthony Kila has tasked the nation’s universities...
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