Happy New Year on a Personal Note Anthony Kila

Today, I write to wish to you a happy new year on a very personal note; I am doing it just now, yes just now deliberately so.

Now that I feel we have all exhausted our ritual “Compliments of the Season, “Happy New Year greetings etc that are mostly done robotically to all the people on our list of friends, families and other associates.

Let us face it, a lot of these greetings and the messages of good wishes and prayers that go with the greetings are done out of a sense of duty to revered individuals and benefactors, a quest for recognition and desire to be remembered by potential patrons, a craving to be associated with rising stars and trending villagers.

To each his own. I judge no one, rather I fully understand: These longings are practices and necessities borne out of tradition and genuine instinct of survival. It takes the grace of depth or the folly of delusion to lead a life free of these instincts of survival.

On a very personal note, as I was saying, my Happy New Year to you is to share with you images of very ordinary people doing simple things that have really struck me and in some cases inspired me in the year past.

Their acts I share with you with the desire that you notice them too, even ponder upon them, and perhaps celebrate them if you can.

Who knows, if like them we act when we can, we and the world might just be slightly better without a single shot of a gun.

Whilst others made their marks through battles of building castles and winning crowns or inventing tools and theories.

My heroes of the year past simply led their lives and gave me thoughtful smiles. My heroes of the year past are:

Those who love to sleep but still wake with good humor

Couples who still greet with a kiss or two

Those who do not delight in saying no

Those who work hard but even play harder

Those who though in a hurry never honk by traffic lights

Those who when late never fabricate excuses

Those who can remember that you might just be in error


Those who mean what they say and say what they mean

Those who do not miss the flaws in their heroes and leaders

Those who leave their phones and TV to chat a bit with others

Those who are double happy when they get half

Those who wake up early to help a friend

Those who find time, to be honest with themselves

Those who remember that you might just be tired

Those who are formal but never miss the crux

Those who when sad, do not display anger

Those with the enthusiasm of a little child but with the wisdom of an adult

Those who call to say I was wrong

Those who remember to say now I understand what you meant

Those who see gloom only when it is dark

Those who don’t always try to make a point

Those who don’t wait for a thank you

Those who do not feel comfortable with not caring

Those who don’t wait for the new year to be a better person.

My very Happy New Year to you and all you care for.

Join me if you can @anthonykila to continue the conversation.

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  1. Bose Agbedare Adigun

    Good afternoon and happy new year to one and all. Is this book on Amazon for those who lives outside Nigeria please.

    1. CIAPS Admin

      Thank you for your interest. The book isn’t on Amazon at the moment but will be very soon.

  2. Tunbosun

    Great concept. Wishing you all thesame

  3. Diana Omowunmi Oyinlola

    Good day and thanks a bunch for the new year message.
    People like you who dare to be different give me hope that our generations yet unborn can follow in our footsteps and not get lost in the crowd.

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