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CIAPS Introduces Discount Scheme for CIAPS Graduates and Students

Lagos-based international Graduate School, Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS) has launched a Discount Scheme for friends and families of CIAPS Graduates and Students in need of qualifications and skills to enhance their professional careers.

The Discount Scheme has 2 sides

  1. It will allow new students introduced by CIAPS Graduates and Students get a discount of 15% on their tuition fees.
  2. It will also allow CIAPS Graduates and Students earn another 50USD for every student they introduce.

The scheme conceived by the CIAPS Graduate Forum and Faculty is aimed at helping more CIAPS Graduates participate in the activities and life of CIAPS.

Many CIAPS Graduates have pointed out that given the financial situation across the world, there are many people deserving of the CIAPS Education and Experience but cannot join CIAPS for financial reasons.

The graduates noted that meaningful postgraduate and professional education is quite expensive and findings have revealed that a lot of potentially capable and academically bright graduates are being excluded from opportunities of getting required professional skills because of their inability to pay for professional studies.

With this initiative, participating CIAPS Graduates and Students will get the opportunity of giving discounts to their friends and family that mention their CIAPS Contact and they will earn money for referring such students.

get ready to become a CIAPS professional

To participate in this scheme, you need to

  1. Get your CIAPS Referral Code
  2. Identify Potential Applicants that can study at CIAPS and explain to them that by using your code they can get 15% Discount plus other possible discounts offered by CIAPS
  3. Give your Name and CIAPS Referral Code to applicants planning to study at CIAPS.
  4. Send names of referred students to CIAPS
  5. Claim your referral fees.

Fill out the following form to claim your Referral Code

    Name as requested on Certificate

    CIAPS Courses you studied or you are studying

    WhatsApp Number


    Number of Students you plan to refer

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      this is indeed a fantastic idea.

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