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CIAPS Public Roundtable: Fiscal Transparency Accountability and Sustainability of Nigerian States

All is now set for the hosting of the January 2021 edition of the CIAPS Public Roundtable.

The theme of this month’s event is “Fiscal Transparency Accountability and Sustainability of Nigerian States:Lead Discussant will include:

Ayo Teriba. CEO of Economic Associates (EA). He provides strategic direction for ongoing consulting and research work on the outlook of the Nigerian economy, focusing on global, national, regional, state, and sector issues.

Phillip Isakpa is a  Financial Journalist, Executive Director Businessnewscorp

Yemi Kolapo Editor In Chief at The Point Newspaper

Rotimi Olarewaju Group General Manager of GIC Oil and Gas Services Limited and a CIAPS Faculty Member

The event will be chaired by Anthony Kila, CIAPS Centre Director and Professor of Strategy and Development.

It is slated for Tuesday, 26th January 2021, will start at 11 am and finish at 1 pm.

This CIAPS Event is part of our effort at CIAPS to understand and help to improve the world we live in.

This roundtable will Explore

  • What Fiscal Transparency Accountability and Sustainability is about,
  • How states do well and badly
  • Which States have done well or badly and why?
  • The way forward and roles private Nigeria can play


Admission to the event is by invitation only.

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