10 in-demand skills, post-COVID

Covid-19 came unannounced.

It sounded like a rumour or some news that was just too far away from our reality here in Nigeria. However, within weeks; offices, schools and borders were shut. Life as we knew it, paused. The whole world faced unprecedented times and had to quickly adapt to a new way of living and working.

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For some, they tried coping by continuing with their usual routine of waking up early, taking a cup of coffee, dressing up and sitting at their home desk. In the middle of all these, companies had to find ways to cut their budgets, restrategize, keep employees motivated and efficient. Many people lost their jobs while many others started a new job. It’s been a learning curve for everyone, from students to parents to employees, employers and the government.

Post-COVID realities

According to a report by The World Bank, the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic is “the deepest global recession in decades, despite the extraordinary efforts of governments to counter the downturn with fiscal and monetary policy support”. Among other things, this means that unemployment rates will spike and employers will more carefully select the “right fit” among several job applicants. From being able to interpret data, to being able to own projects without being chased by your supervisors, there are quite a few skills to brush up on to succeed post-COVID. Now is the best time to groom yourself with the right skills.

Hard skills vs. soft skills

There are hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are the technical know-how you need to successfully do a job while soft skills are important personality traits that also help you on the job, in your relationship with others, etc. Examples of hard skills are data analytics and coding while examples of soft skills are leadership and teamwork. 

In this article, we’ll share with you 10 in-demand hard skills you need to develop and why we think they are important in a post-COVID world. Shall we begin?


Hard skills


Within days of the pandemic hitting Nigeria, all communication moved from face-to-face to emails, slack, WhatsApp and other communication tools. Many suddenly realised the importance of written words. Some found a new career or a side gig in writing, others shared their thoughts via social media and inspired thousands. Gone are the days when writing used to be shoved aside as a skill for a select few, we’ve come to see that writing is key for everyone. More so, in a post-covid world. If you would like to improve your writing skills and even work for newspapers, magazines and other online publications, you should check out our Professional Certificate in Media and Journalism course.

Data Analytics

Nowadays, accessing data is easy. With some money and the right tools, companies can access countless qualitative and quantitative data about their customers, competitors or industry. With so much data out there, companies need skilled data analysts to interpret them so they can use the information to create innovative solutions and make great business decisions. To learn data analytics, Microsoft Excel is the basic tool to start with before advancing to other tools.

Digital Marketing

When the pandemic started, one of the fields that many people dove into was digital marketing, and the reason is not far-fetched. All marketing and sales efforts moved completely online. Companies that were previously averse to digital marketing had to quickly adjust so they would not be left behind. Many people developed skills in general and specific aspects of digital marketing and started making money/getting jobs immediately. In a post-COVID world, digital marketing will remain relevant. Our Professional Certificate in Digital Management course is a 3-month intensive, practical course that will make you into a professional digital manager ready to successfully manage digital campaigns for organisations.

online marketing


How many webinars and training sessions have held since the pandemic began? From classes on personal branding to courses on communication, it became clear that anything can be taught. Anyone with a passion to teach others what they know can train to become a tutor. Your training, knowledge, passion and network are some of the things that will set you apart as a tutor. Our International Tutor Certificate is what you need to get started in learning this skill.

Project Management

Managing projects end-to-end to achieve set goals and objectives was important before and during COVID, it will continue to remain important post-COVID. With limited resources and changing landscapes due to the economic crisis, companies need skilled professionals to successfully lead and execute projects. To get hands-on training to develop this skill, check out our Certificate in Project Management course.

Business development

The coronavirus pandemic hit many businesses in more ways than they can say. Loyal customers had to pull back on projects or reduce their budgets while new customers became hard to come by. Now, more than ever, business developers are needed to help companies get back on their feet as quickly as possible. New customers must be found and former customers must be pulled back in. We teach you this skill through an in-depth practical and theoretical approach in our Professional Certificate in Business Development course. You should check it out.

Production and operations management

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from COVID-19, it’s that goods and services can no longer be produced for the sake of production. With several alternatives to choose from and brands targeting customers online and offline, goods and services must be very relevant to them. They must be exactly what the customer wants, that’s the only way they would sell. At CIAPS, we groom you to become a professional production and operations manager within 3 months through this course.


Within days of announcing the first confirmed case of COVID, several apps and websites were created. Some banks introduced platforms to help educate people, others created games to raise awareness of the disease and its prevention tips. More so, certain innovative thinkers have used the period to observe and note several problems and would be seeking developers to work with in building solutions. Besides, digital marketers also need coding skills for certain tasks. Therefore, coding is an essential skill in these times. FreeCodeCamp is a great platform to learn coding for free.


Nigeria, as a nation has faced some of the biggest issues in governance for years, but 2020 will forever remain a significant year in the struggle. Several youths marched out for 12 days with a single goal to #EndBadGovernance. Many youths have vowed to vy for political positions come 2023 just as plans are being made to form a youth political party. The need for skilled and trained politics professionals will increase. With our Professional Certificate in Political and Campaign Management course, you’ll be well equipped to plan, control and coordinate Political Campaigns to ensure that campaigns are of high standards to meet the needs of the voters, and to make the candidates or party win electoral and social competitions.

Artificial Intelligence

How do you offer relevant solutions to people if you can’t learn to think like them or preempt them? That’s what AI is all about. During COVID, this skill boomed as companies competed to get the attention of their customers. Global prediction is that it will continue to remain a top skill. Google AI offers a great learning pathway for all enthusiasts, head there to get started.


All skills are important, but certain skills are more important and will take the front row due to the aftermath of the pandemic. With the information we’ve shared, you can better arm yourself with the skill(s) you need to future-proof yourself and remain relevant. Next time, we’ll share with you 10 in-demand soft skills post-COVID. Stay tuned and remember to share this article with your friends!

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