Career Development Plan For CIAPS Students

Two key features of your CIAPS Experience will include your Career Development Plan and your PPP Sessions.
PPP stands for Projects, Practice and Partnership. In your PPP sessions you will be given the opportunity to:

  • Work on Projects that will allow you
  • Put into Practice all you have learnt in theory and
  • Work in Partnership with others.

Your Career Development Plan allows you and faculty to work towards attaining those essential skills, knowledge and capacities that you will need in your professional life, whether you plan to start a new job, get a promotion or start your own new venture.

We start this plan with you even before you start lessons so we all can always keep in mind where you want to go.
The plan then allows us decide which projects you will work on throughout your course, which groups to put you into and which professional opportunities to steer you towards at the end of your course
This big plan starts from filling the form below, so please fill carefully.

    Programme Name (Name of the course you are about to begin)

    Areas of interest (A student of media and Journalism might prefer e.g. Sports, Politics, Entertainment)

    Possible Career Areas (E.g. I want to manage a hospital, I want to head a school)

    Experience (E.g. I have worked in a marketing company before)

    Particular skills I need (E.g. Presentation Skills, Time Management, People management etc)

    Something I really want to take away from this course

    Any other information

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