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CIAPS Film Club September Event

The event slated for Friday 6th of September 2019 will start at 10am and the film to be viewed and discussed is the “The Apprentice”.

Commenting on the CIAPS Film Club series, CIAPS Centre Director Anthony Kila noted that the event is “part of our effort to use various learning methods to help our students understand and prepare for the professional world”. Prof Kila pointed out that the approach offered by the CIAPS Film Club is “edutainment”, a method that allows us to foster learning and reflection through entertainment.

He also noted that “a film like this one is an opportunity to engage with and also educate the general public and professionals on issues relating to their world”.

In giving reasons for the choice of the topic for this month’s CIAPS Film Club Event, facilitators of the programme, Rotimi Olarewaju and Ikenna Anabor explained that “The Apprentice is a series that fits into and will be a useful guide for students currently working on their various CIAPS PPP ventures.” PPP stands for Projects, Partnership and Practice, it is a teaching tool that allows students put into practice what they learn in theory at CIAPS and also prepare them for their professional world. Business Administration

The September 2019 CIAPS Film Event will take place at CIAPS on Friday 6th September 2019

The event starts at 10am.

Admission to the event is by invitation only.

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