5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Help Managers

A leader, teacher, manager or indeed anyone that can manage his or her own emotions as well as the emotions of others will achieve a lot in life. The ability to do so is what Emotional Intelligence is about.

For many, the expression “Emotional Intelligence” is not a settled one as it appears to contain two contradicting concepts: Emotion which we identify with feelings and reactions on one hand, Intelligence which we associate with analysis and ability on the other hand. It is however not as confusing as it seems.

It is now getting clearer to more, that to succeed or to explain success in human endeavors, the traditional intellectual intelligence is not enough; this should not be too surprising since success and failures are determined by the heart and brain.

At CIAPS, Emotional Intelligence is described by Anthony Kila as the Brain of the Heart and the Heart of the Brain.

The Centre is working on a series of Open Programmes wherein the essence and importance of Emotional Intelligence in our offices, schools, factories, markets and homes is explored and explained to managers hoping to increase their performances.

CIAPS Faculty Member, Adegoke Adedayo came up with this list of 5 Ways Emotional Intelligence can help Managers

CIAPS - Emotional Intelligence for Managers

1. Emotional Intelligence is Essential for Career and Organizational Success

Understanding what turns people on and off is the basis for forming relationships with coworkers, bosses and those reporting to us. Understanding our motivations and weaknesses as well as those of others allows us to go far in any system.

Whether that success comes in the shape of earning a promotion, building a successful business or simply landing a dream job, it doesn’t matter: Emotional intelligence will impart managers with the ability to comprehend human nature and is always going to be essential to arriving at goals.

2. Emotional Intelligence enhances Leadership effectiveness

As managers, you are responsible for a number of financial or material resources. Your most precious resources will undoubtedly be people, and how you manage them can make or break both your success and theirs.

People management is essentially the ability to display and implement strong emotional awareness on a regular basis. Understanding what makes people tick, and how to use that to benefit the team, is a key part of Emotional Intelligence. Understanding of how people think and feel, can help managers to make better decisions, and you will be a more rounded and respected leader as a result.

3. Emotional Intelligence is an Effective Recruitment Tool

We all tend to agree theoretically that Attitude can be as important if not more important than Aptitude. Well, there are times when we need to practically make that call. Emotional intelligence can help managers in attracting competent employees with the right technical and other skills that will make the actualization of organizational objectives feasible and reduce labor turnover.

4. Emotional Intelligence creates Stable and Reliable Managers

Regardless of the size of your organization there will be times of crisis and calm times, period of success and those of failures and we must react to all of these. Amazingly, too many managers underestimate (or totally ignore) the importance of a considered reaction: it is important not to fall into the overreacting habit. People look to managers for cues on how to respond to circumstances, and emotional intelligence will help managers come up with considered and appropriate level and timing of reaction that will make them be perceived as stable and hence reliable.

5. Emotional Intelligence boosts managers Intuitive capability

Leading a team through new territory, without a map, means everything is uncertain, and the higher the risk, the higher the pressure. Logic is important, but it can’t be the only determining factor for making decisions. A manager with knowledge of emotional intelligence will trust his or her gut to take the necessary measures that inspires others to do the same.

Participants at the CIAPS Emotional Intelligence for Managers Master Class, slated for Thursday, 29th August 2019, will be exploring these and other areas of Emotional Intelligence, click here for more details.

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