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CIAPS commences 2019 Gamma Session

Commonwealth Scholarship students start lesson with Guest Lecture on Development.

All is now set for resumption of the 2019 Gamma Academic Year at the CIAPS.

Lessons will start on Saturday, 6th of July, 2019 at the Lagos based international graduate school, the Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS), where students will resume in the company of friends and families for their induction day.

According to a post on CIAPS’ website and a statement confirmed by the Centre Administrators and Event coordinator, Victoria Bassey, Saturday, 6th of July, is going to be a joint session where new students will mix with old ones in a joint class to familiarise themselves with the learning method and processes at CIAPS and to learn together.

get ready to become a CIAPS professional

Other Participants will be friends and families of CIAPS as well as new students that are beneficiary of the 2019 CIAPS Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme to study at CIAPS.
These students will also be introduced to their Career Development in view of getting them ready for projects that will help their employability, internship and setting up their own businesses.
Events of the day will include a guest lecture by Hon Adegoke Olajide who will speak on the role of Professionals in a Developing Nigeria.
The event starts at 10am and the venue is CIAPS
Admission to the event is by invitation and with student ID only. Students that have fully registered but have not received their Student ID are requested to fill the form below to request for their Student ID.

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