Here is a list of 5 great professional management career options you can consider and how to achieve your desire


5 Great Management Career Options for Graduates

Management, broadly speaking, is about juggling people, ideas, equipment, finance, time and other resources for the purpose of obtaining desired and stated goals.

All organisations, public, private and even NGOs need, continue to need and will always need managers to run their affairs; they generally need graduates with good communication skills and the right attitude and essentially some specialised knowledge. Ability to use the computer and the internet in all its spheres is now a must, no more added an advantage.

If you are a graduate and you have (or can quickly get some) specialised skills then you are likely to quickly get a job in management.

Here is a list of 5 great professional management career options you can consider

Business Development Management

Every organization needs senior sales people who create opportunities for the organization’s growth. Business development managers make growth happen. They find new partners, plan new opportunities, find new customers and persuade existing ones to buy extra services. If you’re interested in deals and in building relationships, then you will make a good business development manager. The qualification you need for this is Professional certificate in Business Development.Business Administration

Production and Operation Managers

Production and Operations Managers deal with the planning, control and co-ordination of the creation of products or services to ensure that the products/services are of high standards to meet the needs of the customers and grow their brand. If you are interested in managing the production of goods and services, or you would like to be a manufacturer or you are thinking of packing and processing agricultural products? Then you are interested in becoming a Production and Operation Manager. A good course for you is the Professional Certificate in Production and Operations Management.

Event Management

Being a professional event manager goes beyond planning weddings and family parties. Events managers are responsible for organizing and running all other kinds of events like seminars, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, parties, concerts, product launches and even press conferences. Event Managers find venues, liaise with clients and suppliers, find sponsors, coordinate marketing and promotion of events, and draw up programme of the day. It is hard work and great fun. You can become a professional event Manager in 3 months with the Professional Certificate in Events Management course.

Health Managers

Every good health practice needs people who can make sure that the Hospital, Clinic, Practice or Medical Centre run smoothly.

Health Care Business Managers work to ensure compliance while making sure also that they reduce costs, increase revenue and that patients and their families are happy. If you’re interested in seeing clean hospitals, happy patients, Professional Doctors and Nurses, then you will make a good Health Care Business Manager. The Course for you is the Professional Certificate in Health Care Business Management.

Digital Management

Projects and Businesses need Digital Managers than can find and manage their potential and present clients online. Every Smart Organization now needs Digital Managers that can use the digital medium to save cost and time, can avoid social media being used against their organization. A professional digital manager can build and manage professional websites, identify, engage and convert potential and present clients online, build their organization and projects image online.

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  1. Adisa Abiodun Akinlabi

    Nice carrier options to choose from. Every organizations or institutions need good and sound managers to achieve their targeted goals, aims and objectives.

  2. Jowoefola Oladele Akinrinde

    As beautiful and laudable this adverts are, it is devoid of what each of these courses required to apply for. The required course materials, how much is the tuition to be paid. The payment modes, either in bulk, semester/yearly/per session. The total time required for each of the runnig courses is not stipulated. Does the entry background has any role to play in the course choice?This is to say that for example, can a graduate of science enroll for any course of interest or his choice course must the one that is science oriented?

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