CIAPS to Train Health Managers for Africa

Lagos based International Graduate School, CIAPS will play host to Health Care Professionals from across Nigeria and other African countries as experts gather in Lagos to train and equip Health Managers that will manage over thirty-five hospitals, clinics, Diagnostic and health Centers across the African continent.

The programme is an initiative of the Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies, with input from ECAPS, Cambridge, and other health and management professionals and institutions in the USA, Australia and Canada.

Confirming the event, CIAPS Centre Director, Prof Anthony Kila noted that the programme is the first of its kind in Africa and it is aimed at experienced and new health organisations that want to improve their performance, increase their revenue while keeping patients as well as their families and friends happy.

Participants in the programmes will be managers, Drs and other health practitioners with experience in the health sector and those who are new to the role but want to reach high levels. He also pointed out that the programme has been designed bearing in mind the need of and with a lot of inputs from patients, families and friends of patients, health regulators, Medical Directors, potential and present investors in health care as well as academics, practitioners and top Consultants.

Kila further commented that one of the important roles that a lot of people dangerously under estimate is that of Managers in health care. According to Kila, it is very shameful and painful to see Medical Directors trying to be business and general managers or nurses trying to be administrators.

Also speaking about the programme, Mr Ikenna Anabor observed that there is a lot ICT can do for the health practices but unfortunately hospitals, clinics and other health centres in Africa are not taping into these potentials. Participants in this programme will discover and practice how to use technology to make hospitals and other health organisations work better.

Also commenting on the programme, CIAPS Administrator and Events Coordinator, Sadie Davies noted that partnership is a major factor in the way Health Managers of the future will perform their roles and responsibilities. The programme, she noted, will be an opportunity to share direct and inside tips about the ever-moving sector health will be a chance to discover productive and profitable partnership across the globe.

Interested participants are required to register on the Centre’s website

CIAPS is the first paperless academic institution in Africa, and this career development and training programme is part of its effort to being the factory of professionals in Africa. Other programmes  offered at CIAPS are the areas of Education, Business, Management, Health, ICT, Media & Journalism, Finance, Policy & Governance.

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