Africa needs Operation and Production Managers in 2021

Operation and Production Managers are probably the most needed and less talked about managers in Africa.

Like most developing countries that are high on and full of natural resources but low on manufacturing and production, Africa needs to break the shackles of importing most of the goods that the country needs for domestic consumption and even dare to work towards exporting its own products not just  its resources.

Producing enough of or even just a large part of national consumption will not only ease dependence on foreign trade and reduce the pressure on foreign exchange it will also create jobs, wealth and boost the standing of the country worldwide. Naturally those involved in this process, such as operations and production managers will be the first to benefit from such turnaround.

Producing and or processing enough to export will not only generate forex for the country but also for companies and individual managers involved in the process. Ask anyone involved in international trade, all you need to do is to have something to offer and more opportunities will come chasing you.

And therein lies the rub as the bard would say: To have something to offer is the major problem. Something to offer means quality products and services that can stand international quality control, global standards as well as competition.

Producing enough of or even just a large part of national consumption means making available attractive products at competitive prices. To do these, the country needs individuals and groups that can tap into available natural resources, save on cost and other logistics as well as use their understanding of their environment to meet the needs of their market.

The only ones that can meet this matrix are well trained Operations and Productions Managers. Without this matrix the “Made in Africa” mantra will remain on PowerPoint and continue to be a slogan.

Well trained Operations and Productions Managers will know how to use limited resources to get the best results, create products or services that meet best standards and ultimately grow an organization.

At CIAPS, our plan this year is to train about fifty Operations and Productions Managers that will lead the made in Africa revolution. These managers will have plans and ambitions to help invent new or improve existing products and services.

They will undergo three months hands-on, innovative and dynamic programme that focuses on the strategic elements of production management, operation process, quality management, compliance, distribution and logistics, people management, business communication and brand management.

By the end of their training, they will be able to set up their production and operation projects, lead and improve existing projects and be part of the new opportunities in production, manufacturing, processing and packaging.

You can learn more about this initiative and join the programme

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  1. Okechukwu

    Do you run masters program

    1. CIAPS Admin

      Please send us a message

  2. Olufemi Oyedele

    What is CIAPS?

    1. CIAPS Admin
  3. Tobias Igwe

    Am interested… Where is the training located? How much? When is the program commencing

    1. CIAPS Admin

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