Beyond Newspapers and Magazines 5 Great Career Options for Professional Media Experts

Beyond Newspapers and Magazines

5 Great Career Options for Professional Media Experts


If you have the passion for it then being a journalist is already a big deal.

I mean to investigate issues, expose liars, present innovations answer people’s questions and be a voice and ears for readers and even teach them new words. What a blast! Naturally you have to be good, you have to be a real passionate professional.

Let’s be honest a degree is not enough to make you a professional media expert, as a matter of fact a degree is not enough to make you an expert of anything.

To get it right you need a good professional qualification or at least some training where you are taken through the nitty-gritty of how the whole thing works. A good example is the CIAPS Professional Certificate in Media and journalism.

You need someone to take you behind the scenes to show you how to discover what is real news and how it is gathered and disseminated and to warn about laws and ethics of the media.

Once you have all these, depending on your experience and interest you can go beyond working for a newspaper and use your skills to cover any of these 5 roles identified by inside jobs inside companies

Communication Director: You will Control and oversee every aspect of your company’s media plan, from the message being sent to the avenues being used. This is one of the top jobs for communications majors because you’re in charge of it all, from planning PR events to creating marketing ads.

Social Media Manager As social media becomes bigger, communication career options expand. In this recently created position, you organize your company’s image by controlling and coordinating exactly what goes online. You write everything from twitter posts to e-mails to website content in order to give a streamlined message consistent with company values.

Communications Operators: For repair companies or departments, you will serve as the middleman between customers and those who do the actual work. You answer customer service questions, schedule repairs, and then follow up to make sure the client is happy with the work done.

Public Relations Specialist: You will create so-called free publicity for your company by encouraging the public to rave about your products or services. Send samples to Bloggers, create press releases for the media, and line up speaking engagements to reach the general public. Whatever you do, you want people to end up with a positive image of your organization or cause.

Insurance Underwriter You get to help decide who gets coverage and who doesn’t by weighing the risks of those applying for insurance plans. Use your ability to communicate and form relationships to find customers, help and, in general, increase your company’s bottom line.

Students of the Professional Certificate in Media and Journalism will spend some of the Career Development sessions to explore and prepare for Careers outside Newspapers and Magazines.

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