CIAPS director canvasses outcome-based method in universities

By Ujunwa Atueyi

To ensure that students who graduate from the country’s ivory tower proceed to become solution finders, the  Director, Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS), Prof. Anthony Kila has tasked the nation’s universities to adopt outcome-based method of education.

Prof Kila  who stated this during the inaugural ceremony for 2018 Gamma set and the unveiling of Sellovations and NGRCampus Projects by CIAPS graduates in Lagos at the weekend said adopting outcome-based learning method will help to monitor the standard of education and improve the unemployment situation in the country.

Kila pointed out that outcome-based learning as practised at CIAPS, enables students to look at what they want to achieve and work towards it.

The advantage of outcome-based approach is that it allows students to emerge in projects where they want to be. He added that NGRCampus, is Africa’s first platform that allows students to evaluate lecturers in their universities.

“Based on that, they build towards it. We know that we want to build top managers, education leaders, big media people, and from the day they start, they already know that  is what they want to become and they keep building towards that.”
He advised that institutions should combine theory with a lot of practical course works to produce self-reliant graduates, rather than focusing on specifications and theories.

“At CIAPS, we train people on outcome-based education to become solution finders in the society. The idea is that if you can train people to find solutions to problems, the people become very valuable, and by solving problems, they are providing solutions for organisations, and eventually for the whole system,” he said.

While urging Nigerian schools to move with the electronic-world so as to produce graduates who can immediately start things for themselves, Kila also tasked students on self-development saying this would move them forward in their various endeavours.

“The idea is that for you to be able to improve on anything, you have to work and develop your own self. If you can improve yourself, you can improve others and you can improve things. An improved manager will make his work more efficient and this will lead to an efficient organisation  and by consequence, a more efficient society,” he said.

He explained that the CIAPS programme is aimed at training professionals for jobs, businesses and on the need to improve themselves.

“Today, we are inaugurating new students for post-graduate and professional courses and to unveil projects that our students have done. We focus very much on outcome-based education, we combine theory with practice also. Every session when we inaugurate students, we unveil projects that out-going students have worked on.”

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