CIAPS Introduces Political Campaign Management Training Programme

CIAPS Introduces Political Campaign Management Training Programme

This is the first of its kind in Africa-Anthony Kila

Lagos-based international Graduate School, Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS) has launched a training programme for graduates hoping to become Professional Political Campaign Operatives. The programme kicks of in October 2017.

Students in the new training course will study the principles of applying strategic elements, legal and management concepts in the creation, coordination, implementation and observation of political struggles. Graduates of the programme will come out with a good understanding of managing different kinds of political electioneering from primaries, to general elections, by-elections, recalls and issue based advocacy. Selected academics and seasoned politicians, activists, communication and legal experts that have been involved in various kinds of sociopolitical campaigns, will lead sessions.

In a statement posted on the Centre’s website and confirmed by the Centre Director Prof Anthony Kila, the programme is aimed at helping create the first set of professionally trained political operatives in Africa.

The programme themed Professional Certificate in Political Campaign Management is according to Prof Kila, the first of its kind in Africa and it is partly a reflection of the fact that notwithstanding major imperfections, Nigeria, Africa biggest country, is steadily moving towards becoming as consolidated democracy. Beyond activists for passion or politicians for ambition, there is a need to have trained professionals who can manage the process of campaigning for offices and causes.

Kila also noted that African political parties and other lobbying groups are currently importing political consultants and this programme will lead the creation of professional political consultants in Africa.

Registration for the Professional Certificate in Political Campaign Management course starts 14 August 2017, the course will last for 3 months. 

Applicants for these courses are required to have a first degree or equivalent (Bachelors, HND). Having a good grade is a major advantage.

Applicants without such qualifications may apply, but their applications will be subject to a more complex process and they will be required to demonstrate their ability to successfully follow the programme.

In all cases, applicants will be tested by CIAPS through written assessments and verbal interview.

CIAPS is Africa’s first paperless academic institution and other main areas of study of the school are in Media and Journalism, Business Administration, Production and Operations Management. Business Development, Project Management, Event Management, Banking and Finance, Graduate Diploma for Senior PAs Executive Assistants, Education.


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  1. Dereck

    I have always wanted to study political campaign management. but the tuition fee is quite huge for a beginner like me.

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