CIAPS 2016 Recession Prize Announcement

CIAPS is pleased to announce its 2016 Public Interest Essay Competition.

This year’s competition, themed “Diagnosis and Prognosis of the Nigerian Recession”, is opened to Students, Graduates, Professionals, Academics and all Stakeholders with interest in and understanding of the Nigerian economy.

There is a total of One million Naira Prize. Winning Entries will be published and Winners of the competition will be offered to join the CIAPS research team.

Intro: For the first time in more than a decade, economic experts, operators and observers have officially and unanimously declared Nigeria in recession.

Like with most political-economic events, many disagree on the reasons for the recession and consequently possible ways out of it.

This CIAPS Prize is aimed at encouraging fact-based analysis as part of our effort in contributing to the building of knowledge based society.

Entries are welcomed from anyone with interest in and knowledge of the Nigerian Economy and recession.

Successful candidates will submit

  • A not more than 5000 words Essay that clearly and concisely traces the origin and causes of the present recession, identify possible ways out of it and suggest what government, businesses and individuals should do and not do to overcome the recession.
  • A not more than 1000 words synopsis of the same essay.

The successful essays will be objective and all analysis will be backed by facts and figures.

Selected essays will be published for an international audience.


Five top essays will be selected for prizes and publications.

Best entry N500, 000

Second place N250, 000

Third place N150,000

Fourth and Fifth runners up N50,000

Entries will be judged by members of the CIAPS faculty in collaboration with a selected panelist of economic experts, operators and observers.

The panel coordinated by CIAPS Centre Director, Anthony Kila includes Political Economist and Centre for Value and Leadership Founder Pat Utomi, Former World bank VP, Africa Oby Ezekwesili, Economist, Public Affairs analyst and Entrepreneur Henry Boyo and former Executive Secretary of the Nigerian University Council and President of Nigerian Institute of Management Munzali Jibril

All entries are to be submitted with a cover note containing a brief biography of writer by visiting not later than 12am 29th October 2016

Click here to participate.


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