What do Trump’s supporters Say when Confronted?

Peter Kenneth Nduati

I mean seriously, from the low to the high, what do Trump’s supporters say when they’re confronted with holes in stories, with lies, with fantasy? What are they using to keep themselves in the Trump camp?

A couple of weeks back, I was in Baton Rouge Louisiana and I made a mistake of asking an Uber driver who he will be voting for in November. He happened to be a Trump supporter. He assumed I was from England because of my accent ( go figure- because I have a typical African accent).

I asked him why he supports Trump and he said the following

  • Trump is not a politician and thus connects with ‘real people’sic
  • Trump is a business man and so understands the economy
  • Trump is the only man ISIS and Russia fears
  • Trump will protect employment by keeping Mexicans out
  • Clinton as President is a 3rd term for Obama ( who he hates)

I moved on to his hatred for Obama. He went on to say Obama has destroyed America( without saying how) and that he destroyed Healthcare. He added is the most divisive President in history and has divided America into racial, religious and class lines. He went on to ask me ‘Did you know Obama was born in Kenya?” ‘When he was Senator, he visited Kenya and in an interview, he admitted he was born there- I saw the clip”

At the point, I decided to inform him that I was Kenyan and my area of expertise is Health Insurance and I have substantial knowledge of American history and politics through my studies. The topic moved quickly on how far it was from Kenya to Baton Rouge to my grasp of the English language and money etc which I found to be patronizing but I accommodated his questions.

My conclusions are that this is typical of Trump support and the support MUST come from a point of ignorance. His points were Trump rhetoric


Peter Kenneth Nduati, is an Eclectic entrepreneur with diverse interests.

Founder & CEO of Resolution Group.

He was Forbes Africa Entrepeneur of the Year 2013. Aspen Fellow 2013

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