Don tasks MAN on the need to produce quality producers

In the face of unaffordable importation due to lack of forex and dwindling revenue, CIAPS Center Director Prof Anthony Kila has called for a strategic approach in production management and stressed that for us to be able to produce what we need in the country we need to start from producing people who can produce.

The Don made the remarks at a meeting with executive members of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) in Ikeja, Lagos to unveil the CIAPS “Professional Certificate in Production and Operation Management”.

According to Kila, the programme, aimed at training Production and Operation Managers for new and existing projects, is designed to contribute to the creation of quality managers capable of producing quality products that meet international standards.

Kila noted that a major part of the problem we have with production in Nigeria stems from the fact that there is little or no space to learn about quality production and standard, yet we all want quality products.

He explained that rather than people getting qualifications and then trying to fit into organizations, CIAPS chose to speak to MAN in order to seek their input in the programme as a way of getting organizations to be more proactive in the training of managers and influencing the curriculum of learners. He also asked MAN members to work with CIAPS on job placement and employment opportunity for graduates and graduands.

Speaking at the event, Mr Francis Ugbaja, Chairman Bolous Group, said he was delighted to hear about the programme and encouraged CIAPS to continue to work in job placements, apprenticeship, and vocational training. He commended the Centre for the vision and told them to go beyond graduates and to find ways to encourage young people in learning production skills.

The Executive Director of JMG Generators, Otunba Francis Meshioye also commended CIAPS for the initiative and explained that a project of such nature is long over due as many manufacturers are in dire need of qualified managers and that businesses in various industries have asked government to develop such progarmmes and partnership but with no luck.

Also speaking at the event, the Princess Funmilayo Okewo Chief Executive Officer of FAE Limited noted that businesses will be pleased to work with CIAPS to create new qualified operation managers, as there are not enough courses or institutions training people for production and operation management. She however asked CIAPS to make fees affordable so that the best students will not lose the opportunity due to lack of money.

In his closing remarks, Prof Kila pointed out that Nigeria has no choice but to produce and produce well. He says to do so, there is the need for well-trained professionals that can save cost, reduce waste, increase productivity and achieve high standards.

The Professional Certificate in Production and Operation Management starts on 30 September 2016 in Lagos.

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