CIAPS Postgraduate Programmes

Courses at CIAPS go far beyond the basic transmission of skills and theories or attainment of certification.

Our programmes are innovative and intellectually challenging, conducted in an environment which continuously encourages critical reflection and creativity. We combine the very best of theories with the very best of practices in all of our programmes, and our aim is to provide successful participants with the capability to operate and excel anywhere in the world.

Many of our programmes require students to combine valuable time in the classroom with essential professional experience. As part of their studies students travel to gain understanding and experience of relevant practices and processes. This furnishes them with invaluable knowledge and skills, and the confidence and ability to operate successfully within a variety of organisations.

The Postgraduate Programmes at CIAPS are designed and led by a world class faculty of visiting and permanent members of staff. They come with a plethora of experience of excellence from top institutions worldwide. Their academic research, interests, professional experiences and networks span the globe. They cover the full spectrum of arts and sciences, business and management. Many are leaders in their field, directing cutting-edge research, advising governments, and managing and consulting within international businesses.

With our ground-breaking curriculum, renowned faculty and accomplished group of elite experts, CIAPS excels in providing students with the opportunity to acquire a fresh perspective on global issues.

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