Our Professional Certificate Courses

Business Development
Professional Certificate in Business Development

Learn to create opportunities for your organisation and make growth happen. You’ll also learn find new partners, plan new opportunities, find new customers and persuade existing ones to buy extra services.

Production and Operatons Management
Professional Certificate in Production and Operation Management

Learn to plan, control and co-ordination the creation of products/services to ensure high standards that meet the needs of the customers and grow their brand.

Event Management
Professional Certificate in Event Management

Every event depends on the event manger to succeed. Learn to find venues, liaise with clients and suppliers, find sponsors, coordinate marketing and promotion of events, and draw up programme of the day.

Media and Journalism
Professional Certificate in Media & Journalism

This is a hands-on, innovative and dynamic programme that focuses on the strategic elements of news and information production, their management and the rules guiding journalism.

Healthcare Business Management
Professional Certificate in Healthcare Business Management

Every good health practice needs people who can make sure that the hospital, clinic, practice or medical centre runs smoothly. Learn to ensure compliance while also ensuring cost reduction, increased revenue and that patients and their families are happy.

Digital Management
Professional Certificate in Digital Management

This programme focuses on the strategic elements Digital Management. Learn  to build and manage professional websites, identify, engage and convert potential and present clients online, build their organizations and projects and brands online.

Political Campaign Management
Professional Certificate in Political Campaign Management

Students of Political Campaign Management study the principles of applying strategic elements and management concepts in the creation, coordination, implementation and observation of political struggles.

Executive Assistant and Senior PA
Graduate Diploma for Senior PAs and Executive Assistants

Ask any top executive in the private or public sector and they will tell you one of the crucial drawbacks they face in achieving their goals is having a sound personal or executive assistant.

Tutor Certificate
International Tutor Certificate

This programme is a CIAPS Certified Programme aimed at Tutors and Heads of tutoring organisation from Europe, Africa and some Commonwealth countries. Successful participants will become Certified Tutors and will be authorised to use the CT designation in front of their names.

Project Management
Professional Certificate in Project Management

This programme will be expose learners to case studies of best and bad practices and will identify, analyse, and use strategies, tools and techniques to deal with the responsibilities and challenges facing project participants. Learners will be able to put theory into action.

Business Administration
Professional Certificate in Business Administration

This programme focuses on the strategic elements of business conception and ethics, accountancy and finance, people and product management, growth and risk, organisational and legal management, sales and marketing, and international trade.

School Management
International Postgraduate Certificate in School Management

This is a highly interactive one year, hands-on, innovative and dynamic programme which focuses on the theoretical principles and strategies of school management as well as its practical applications for school management teams. 

What Our Students Say

I received excellent practical experience from Dr. Kort and had a number of professionals give the journalism class practical experience. After CIAPS, The Director still mentors me in improving my career, brings out the best in me and attain professionalism in my career. Presently, I am working in a print media organization.

Cornelia Oseghale

Media & Journalism

Saying YES to CIAPS experience was one of the best decisions I took in 2017, after my resignation from Kings College. I have seen a lot of self improvement and transformations already. I look forward to adding more value to offering, and to have a feel of the real working world.

It will keep getting better.

Oge Akabuike

International Tutor Certificate

Training at CIAPS was great!. The ambience and those that facilitated, everything was on point. I was wowed by the way I was lectured during my one week training. CIAPS is a good place of learning and I wish to recommend it to anyone who loves to gain knowledge in his or her career.

Oreva Tejuosho

Graduate Diploma for Senior PAs and Exec. Assistants
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