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CIAPS to host Kila’s Yoruba by Proverb
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CIAPS to host Kila’s Yoruba by Proverb

OweAll is now set for the unveiling of “Owe. Yoruba by Proverbs”, a book on Yoruba culture and society authored by Anthony Kila, CIAPS Centre Director and Professor of Strategy and Development.

The unveiling event will take place at CIAPS Lagos on 7th July 2018 and will be a Saturday morning of Music, Cocktails, Academics, Business and Professional Mix and Mingle plus Celebrities appearance to support the event.

Owe - Yoruba by ProverbsIn a statement signed by CIAPS Administrator and Events Coordinator Wunmi Adeguna confirmed by the CIAPS Press Director, Mara Brera, the unveiling event and the entire production of the book is being managed by other CIAPS Faculty and Graduands of Media and Journalism and Business Development, the team include Folashade Ogundipe, Fatima Ajayi, Micheal Adekan, Isreal Adesokan, Mary Oyedeji and Emee David.

Brera further explained that this is an exciting and needed project as it combines the need for the country to groom and appreciate a new generation of trained, exposed and passionate professionals capable of using what we have in Nigeria to produce what can be exported to the rest of the world.

Commenting on the book Dr Cristiano D’orsi noted that this book which was first published in 2003 is part of the result of intense epistemological research in cultural anthropology that started at the University of Perugia, Anthony Kila uses Yorùbá proverbs to give us a flavour of a complex and imposing culture and observed that while he is very committed to African culture and values, Kila, the scholar is also keen on demystification.

Owe - Yoruba by Proverbs back cover

The event is open to the public and businesses and it will be an opportunity for readers to meet and interact with the author, Anthony Kila, and to get signed copies of the book.

The event starts at 10am and admittance is by invitation only.


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